Visor and Face Shield Sweat Liner Golf Hat & Cap Liner


Made in USA Buy 2 or more NoSweat Liners & Receive 20%+ Discount (Click by NoSweat link above for Our Store) Liner is thin, soft and lightweight. // Ultra breathable air-flow, Unique material blend combines fibers, polymers, absorbents, and terry or poly/polyester like dry-fit like materials and combines the features in the best and ultimate sweat product. Technology of past to provide a moisture absorbent sweatbands engineered to keep you cool and dry. EASY-TO-USE: 1) Peel It. 2) Stick It. 3) NoSweat! // Fits inside the front and or back of your LID, headband, Visor or brim. // Sweat technology will rapidly wick and lock perspiration inside core sweat band. 100% AMERICAN MADE | Patented Sweat-Lock Technology & Design // Fits most hat, cap, head wear and protective headwear including Headbands, sweat-bands, wrist bands and new inventions wicking the market soon. Gear up like a pro.


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